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Providing dentists quality dental implant restorations with a high level of service you can trust.

About So Cal Dental Lab


So Cal Dental lab is modern, high quality dental lab. We offer the latest products available on the dental market and continuing education classes for dentists. As the company has grown, we have continued to keep ourselves up to date with technology and education but have always remained small enough to maintain our high standards of quality.

Hello, My Name is Juggy.


Hello, My name is Juggy Singh, and I have been a Dental technician since 1998. As a Dental Technician, I wanted to provide my doctors and their patient with the very best dental restorations possible. Since then I have made that dream a reality by using the best materials, the most qualified staff and the latest technology available combined with restorations & outstanding customer service. Contact SoCal Dental Lab today and see for yourself the quality of our work and the high level of service we can provide you.

A Modern Dental Lab


By keeping up with the latest trends, we have been able to keep our doctors informed as to what we can offer to them and their patients. With all of our Dentists, we have always worked to make sure they are in a position to offer the very best restorations.

Our Specialties

Dental Implant Restorations

Take your Implants to the next level with modern techniques and great service.


Crown & Bridges

Whether you are doing a partial or full crown or bridge, we can make it happen. Experience the SoCal Dental Lab difference.

Ceramic & Full-Cast Restorations

We take time to do custom shading and work with you so that your patients can feel their best after they leave your operatory.

We Fabricate Custom Abutments Using These Implant Manufacturers/Systems

  • Ankylos & Xive


    Astra Tech


    Biomet 3iCertain




    Implant Direct


    Keystone PrimaConnez


    Lifecore Prima @ Renova


    Straumann Bone Level


    Straumann SynaOcta


    Nobel Biocare Replace Select


    Nobel Biocare External Hex


    Nobel Biocare Active




    Zimmer Screw Vent


    • Working Schedule

      Full Cast Restoration

      10 days

      Temporary Restoration

      6 days

      Porecelain fused to Metal

      10 days

      Indirect Composite

      6 days

      All Ceramics Restorations

      10 days

      Zirconia Abutment

      10 days

      Implant Restoration

      10 days

      LAB TIME: Number of days excludes weekends, national holidays and shipping time.
      PARTS: We carry parts for most of the brands available on the market, however the case may be subject to delay depending on the type of implant system used. Please call the lab to confirm the availability of the parts required.
      RUSH CASES: please contact our lab fees & availability

    • Remake Policy & Warranty

      REMAKE POLICY: All cases manufactured by our lab are made under microscope and checked on solid models. They further go through our Quality Control department to ensure that doctor's instruction are followed carefully And the fit and aesthetics adhere to our high standards. Prior to beginning working on your case we check the impression for discrepancies. Once the model is poured we follow up with the phone call if the impression has to be retaken. Shall the doctor agree to continue working on the case do your best. The account will be noted and will proceed accordingly. Once the work is returned and the case requires a new impression, the price of remake will be a regular charge +shipping fees. Shade Adjustment are free unless the doctor requires a shade that is different from the original order in which case the labor fee + shipping charges will be applied.
      WARRANTY: So Cal Dental Lab has a warranty for five years from the date of invoice fot the following products: • Pfm's • Zirconia Restoration • Implant Restoration A warranty for one year from the date of invoice applies to the following: • Porcelain Veneers • Porcelain Inlays/Onlays • Indirect Composite Not Cover by Warranty Are the following: • Temporary Crown & Bridges • Non-Prep Veneers.

    • Terms of Payment

      All account are payable within 30 days of the statements date. Account 45 or more days past due will be subject to C.O.D. The Late charge of 2% of the unpaid balance will be charged on all past due balances of 30 days or more. We Accept VISA, MASTERCARD, & AMEX (2% Surcharge for AMEX card only) and Business Checks Only. For Insufficient funds or bounced check there will be a $35 Per Check Fee.

  • "Juggy will go above and beyond, to make sure we are happy! " -Redlands, Dentist.

  • "Very impressive dental lab, really! They are easy to work with and I am sure to talk with someone who knows what they are talking about"- Local Loma Linda Dentist -

  • "SoCal Dental Lab does great work! When I need Implants or restorations. I can count on them to give me what I need" - Grand Terrace Dentist

  • "If you're looking for great service. I can reccomend SoCal Dental Lab" - Grand Terrace Dental Lab